Black Artists Grant

Established by Creative Debuts


The Black Artists Grant is £2,000 given out monthly to black artists in the UK, with each artist selected receiving £500 each.

The BAG is no-strings attached financial support to help the selected artists in whatever they want – be that make new work, buy equipment or materials, travel, research, visit exhibitions or conferences, or to even just cover some life expenses. This is specifically for Black artists; not politically black, not POC or BAME.

This grant has been set up because black artists are systematically under-supported by the art world; by institutions, curators, the artist-led scene, major and minor funding bodies, the market, art schools, and by audiences too. We recognise that a full institutional overhaul and dismantling of racist structures is required to transform the industry permanently, but we hope in a small way that this grant will help enable recipients to continue their artistic practice when the odds are so stacked against them.

Recipients will be chosen monthly, and every few months this selector will change. The current selectors are Halcyon. They will do research to find artists who could benefit from the money, but if you would like to flag your work to them and put yourself forward, please send an email to It would be helpful if your email could contain your name, contact information and some images of what you make or do – that might be via attachments, or a link to a website or other online portfolio (this can be Instagram for example, whatever you have available). There is no deadline as this is a monthly rolling grant, no age limit, and the grant does not expect any outcomes or reporting.

This is just the beginning of an ongoing project of support funded by Creative Debuts who are a platform for emerging artists. Halcyon is a platform for the diverse voices of Muslim women which aims to uplift and showcase Muslim women’s work and stories.



We are thrilled to announce that Umbrella Studios have matched our funding commitment. Umbrella is a creative agency built on freelance communities around the world. Instead of in house staff we work with a vast network of expert talent, and build unique teams for every brief. We’re committed to building an agency that champions flexibility and creative freedom, so that creatives can remain independent for as long as possible. If you’d like to hear more about our commitment please email



Huge thank you to Most Wanted Wines who are now the 3rd supporter of the fund. Increasing the number of recipients to 3, each receiving £500. Most Wanted Wines are a wine brand with a difference. No pomp, no pretence, no la-di-dah wine chat. Our graphics-led brand and no-nonsense approach have made us a popular choice within the art community and we have nurtured this by sponsoring and supporting art events around the UK.



We have big news this month for the Black Artists Grant as we welcome Fabrix Capital to the sponsorship team alongside Umbrella Studios and Most Wanted Wines as we boost the number of monthly recipients to 4, each receiving £500.

The next big announcement is the introduction of Halcyon as the next selectors for September, October and November. ​ ​

“Halcyon is a platform for the diverse voices of Muslim women which aims to uplift and showcase Muslim women’s work and stories. Halcyon, run by Yasmin Ali and Zahra Ali, is excited to collaborate with Creative Debuts, Umbrella studios, Most Wanted Wines and Fabrix for the Black Artists Grant. ​ ​This is a fantastic opportunity for up and coming Black creatives as the arts are a cornerstone of society which need better representation across the board. Black artists need room to create without the financial, institutional and societal barriers that they face. Art grants are a small step towards correcting the financial aspects of these challenges. Therefore we are honoured to be a part of this project.” ​

Thank you so much to @rootedzine for their amazing involvement in the first 3 months of BAG. Can’t wait to see what is ahead and to support all the incredible work you do. Thank you for everything 💫

If you would like to become part of this indefinite funding commitment to supporting black creatives in the UK, please contact – please note, this is NOT for artist submissions, it is for financial supporters only.