All Shopped Out

‘It was Christmas Eve and Karen had been shopping ALL day for gifts. She was exhausted! Unfortunately, the only person she had bought presents for was herself, but that counted as self-care so it was OK. And now she was the proud owner of 12 pairs of black tights, 11 knitted jumpers, 10 pairs of knickers, 9 t-shirt bras, 8 pairs of leggings, 7 office skirts, 6 throw cushions, 5 ‘gold’ rings, 4 party dresses, 3 lipsticks, 2 turtle necks and a ‘Friends’ themed pyjama set. She’d just have to make everyone some mince pies this year instead (although she wasn’t sure if she had flour. Or sugar. Or mincemeat. Oh well)!

Delivering from:
Derby, United Kingdom (UK)
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