And When I’m a Man, I’ll Think As a Man

Much of my work centres on the theme of memory and its fallibility. This is more strongly evident in pieces that incorporate or recreate childhood artefacts and toys. A prime example of this is ‘And When I’m a Man’, the life size sculpture of myself as a twelve piece, pre-assembly, model kit. An important aspect of the piece is its bright green colour, which was chosen to match my memory of that of a cheap, plastic, childhood toy – realizing that the memory would have mutated, and exaggerated the luridness of the colour.

As well as being made from 12 separate body casts of myself (a self portrait, I suppose) ‘And When I’m A Man’ is based on the type of model kit that I used to buy as a child. When creating the piece I was interested in childhood perceptions of adulthood and the role that toys played in this, as I noticed that many figurative toys were that of adult characters.
As well as being exhibited in various galleries in and outside of London (including the Scream gallery when it was based in Mayfair) the sculpture has been featured in magazines, dozens of website, including The Huffington Post, the feature film ‘Scratch’, and the Channel 4 TV programme, ‘Four Rooms’.

It is now in a private collection in Marylebone, London.

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