Subject:Figurative, Nude, Other

‘Apocalypse’ is a symbolic interpretation of the oppression faced by women in our present society, specifically where Patriarchy has dug its claws deep. Where their human existence has been reduced to enslavement for the pleasure of men and for breeding. One hears and reads about rape and sexual violence against women on a regular basis in the news. Their individual identities have been obliterated behind veils of different kinds. A culture which has lost respect for women is already doomed. ‘Apocalypse’ also draws a parallel with the idea of an alien and more powerful culture obliterating the footprints of indigenous cultures in the name of progress and civilization. Cultures which have been close to nature are disappearing and a civilization which does not respect nature is doomed as well. I have used watercolor wash on handmade paper and drawn the details with a pen using waterproof ink. This painting has been exhibited at the annual exhibition, ‘Human Rights? # Memento – dalla Guerra alla Pace (From War to Peace)’ opened on 22nd June, 2014, at Fondazione Opera Campana Dei Caduti di Rovereto, Trento, Italy.




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