Bee Project: Help FOTE Save Beez!! 2016

This is the second version entitled ‘Help FOTE Save Beez!!’ (Help, Friends of the Earth, Save, Bees), and shows text of typically Four Letter words. The vertical stripes of colours are to represent the Diversity of the different types of Bee’s colour patterns and pollen colours (sourced from Natural History Museum, UK), with their respective complimentary colours, in text, to enhanced their colours. The artwork consist of 13 vertical Bands of Colours. The intermediate 6 Band of colours, taken from different shades of bands of Bee’s and reflect the colours of Blue (instead of Black of main Body, The Artist prefers not to use Black), Yellow-Green (Olive – Peace Branch, Bee Colour & Pollen Colour), Yellow (Tree Bee), Orange (Carder Bee) Red (Red-Tailed Bee), Grey/Silver (Silver & White Tailed Bee). The 7 remaining Bands of Colour are to represent the Sky & Falling Rain of Pesticides on Bees.

This work is a piece of Conceptual Art. The work follows a sequence of repetitive, lines, vertical, horizontal or diagonal, that is repeated, it contains vertical text (typically four letter words or four letter syllables of words, have been inspired by Friends of the Earth publications, 20 things you need to know about bees, Iconic bees -12 UK bee species, Great British Bee Count etc.), the same colours of Pop Art, Sky & Water (these are standard colours that come pre-installed within Illustrator and have not been modified by the Artist). Given these it is possible for anyone to recreate this piece of work.

Printed with 10 colour archival quality pigment inks on 300g Paper

A4 Print 8.3″ x 11.7″ 210 mm x 297 mm Edition 1 of 25 or

A3 Print 11.7″ x 16.5″ 297 mm x 420 mm on A3 Plus Paper with white border (13″ x 19″ 329 mm x 483 mm) Edition 1 of 25

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, United Kingdom (UK)
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