Beyond The Veil And The 4D Fantsy
Subject:Abstract, Other

Hanging in between two worlds of perception,

One is limited to our understood senses,

Seeing, touch, taste…

The other from our mind’s eye,

Transportation to the One world of possibility, divine union, harmony

Other high vibrational beings respond through telepathy and pure Love,

Teleporting through timelines past the 4th dimensional landscape,

Into a seeing -scape from the heart.

I operate in the light frame, The high frame, the light warrior on this plane,

-A constant back and forth dialogue betwixt the visible and the non-visible

Sometimes within both, suspended between a spacetime reality familiar and unfamiliar at the same time

A paradox of existence. How do I exit

This feeling of The In-between?

Feels like I’m in the middle of a magnetic push and pull.

The veil is thin during portal openings like All Hallow’s, LionsGate…

Dream space becomes Realspace

Holy Mother Mary, both Mary’s, Quan Yin too,

Cradling me in their hammock of compassion within and beyond a metaphysical world us humans have forgotten but are

Remembering again over and over.


Awaken from your dream.

Like Peter and the lost kids but wiser still and in your power.

Remember what lies beyond the veil.

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