Biodeer / Hipster jugend series (6 of 6 artworks)

The last (6th) artwork of the series deals with the lifestyle of the hipster group. As I mention in the concept below, they need the meal to have that organic – farm-like – bio something to it. Biodeer is introducing the magic potion made of the right ingredients which transforms a hipster into a perfect deer. Deer is another symbol often used within design, advertisements and fashion accessories, thus in this case deer antlers became an accessory. Hipster got back with his apple-head, but the brand is not only in his head, it is also profoundly grounded in his ‘green’ heart.

Series of six artworks is featuring contemporary subculture defined by lifestyle and quotidian appearance of its members. I observed them, met them and made friends among these guys who have inspired me to put my emotions into a creative process. The entire series was created using multiple media: collage, lithograph and acrylic on paper. I used unfinished lithograph as a background for each work of this series, and adjusted it with images and colors to define the lively nature of today’s modernity.

Modern culture is suffering from addictions. People need to differ on one hand but tend to visually mirror the image of someone around them who catches their attention. They get inspired by fancy tattoos, brands, haircuts, dogs, etc. in the end they are so similar to each other, that there is no difference. These guys are situated mostly in cafes not talking to each other, just sitting apart, each of them on their own, typing something on a mac book or browsing on the iPhone and desperately seeking attention. The idea is presumably to be cool in something that looks like grandmother’s sweater and pretend not having internet connection at home thus work from cafe, sipping one cup of (probably) espresso for a few hours and then just apparently tired of being, get out to some organic bistro to enjoy lunch and take a picture of a dish to instantly post it on .

That is how this group of people appears to non-hipsters, despite the fact that the real hipster souls are usually sensitive and creative beings, so I tried to visually combine this first impression with my own experience. The pop-art nature of the series was intentional. Combination of techniques with temperamental brush strokes however suggest my deeper involvement. The series is not only portraying the appearance of members of this subculture. It is also mocking the phony (fashion) hipsters.

The concept of the work is to show the importance of being able to distinguish the boundaries of absurdity in every subculture and its mutations.

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