Brit Hop-Pop: Adam to Zara and Everything Else in Between with Anomaly!

This work has been inspired by the theme Music, and Music is in all aspects of my life, whether at pop & rock concerts, music festivals, or watching video clips of Music Bands on Music Channels such as MTV etc, or just on in the background when making my latest work of Art! Music inspires my work either through lyrics or Music Videos, which I consider as mini Pop & Rock Ads, with creative narrative stories, to sell an Artist, work.

I have a varied taste of Music from the mainly from 1990s to present day, although this work, details current Artists generally from 2000s

I have typically taken Four Letter words of Artists, listed in 13 Vertical Stripes, similar to stars and stripes of the USA Flag. These are double to from 26 Letters of the Alphabet, arranged from A to Z as in Adam to Zara (Zara Larsson). Each Letter of the Alphabet has Two Artists names, so there is 52 Artists in total, so you could listen to a different Artist each week of the Year! (52 weeks in a year)

Within the work, there is some ambiguity that the viewer could interpret in several ways. Some of the words have Colour Association, such as in Day! coloured Green, to suggest Green Day! or Prof coloured Green as in Artist Professor Green.

Limited Edition Print 1 of 25 on A4 Print or

Limited Edition Print 1 of 25 on A3 Print

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