Britannia (G.W. De Saulles)

Britannia with her trident and union jack shield symbolises the maritime British Empire. In 1895, G.W. De Saulles exquisitely engraved a standing Britannia in neo-classical style for use on the British Trade Dollar in the far East. The number of Trade Dollars minted was 265 million, but the total mintage of coins featuring Britannia throughout the 20th century was a staggering 4621 million! Britannia dates back to Roman time when she personified the Britons. She invests the British with a sense of history, pride and nationalism. This image was captured from a 1900 silver Trade Dollar, and shows the ghostly figure from the past which lives on in the British imagination. The material imperfections made visible on the figure’s surface are due to a poor silver casting process in Bombay. The surface reflects the state of the British Empire, no longer the utopia promised in its heyday. (Notes: The image has been printed using dye sublimation on aluminium to achieve a high contrast in good lighting or bright daylight. The print is UV stable, resists moisture, and is wipeable. It has been tray framed in a black frame. Postage has been quoted for London only.)

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