Celebs Connect Four ft. Four Letter Word

This work has been made by using the technique of drawing with a Single Line, without lifting the Pen & Ink off the Paper, and combing the drawings from the “Drawing Project” of Celebrities, past and present into a playable Pop Art inspired by the game Connect Four.

This work is part of the Male (in Blue) and Female (in pink) Series from Retro Icons of film, music etc. from “A” to “H” forming a playable word search, and forms a hidden message in from either the inital forename or surname of Artists, to from a Four Letter Word of an Artist.

A2 Print 23.6″ x 23.6″ 600 mm x 600 mm with white border (26″ x 26″ 650 mm x 650 mm) Edition 1 of 25

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