How do we measure value in the modern world; a place where everything is commoditised and manufactured? As our reality is increasingly contained within technology and an unprecedented importance is placed on image, I seek to challenge the opulent aesthetic in which we are all endlessly searching for. Our concept of authentic value has shifted, and I question where it is that we find luxury today. Through my paintings of gold leaf and oil paint I attempt to address our understanding of real and unreal, and fabricate a Utopian harmony between the two. My application of paint works through an irrational logic, moving paint around the canvas’s surface until it makes sense. It aspires to be curiously chaotic and simultaneously serene, where the interpretation is left within the viewer’s gaze. I pursue gold as a metaphor for [implied] luxury at a time when it is increasingly difficult to delineate a border between the lavish and the dejected; and ultimately, create a world in which our perception becomes a reality.

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