Charity Project: Tribute to Manchester 2017

This work of art has been inspired by the recent tragic events of last Monday 22nd May 2017, in Manchester, UK.

I used to live in Manchester years ago, for a few years, so the City, people, sport, culture, and music scenes are familiar to me.

This is a reflection of the past week, with Symbolic (use of symbols as metaphor) tribute to the victims of the incident, and depicts 22 Balloon Heart Shaped, either coloured Pink or Blue, to represent the Girls or Boys, Females or Males, of each of the victims. The Balloons have been inspired by Balloons left by the public along with flowers by the Statue in St. Ann’s Square, Manchester. The Heart Shaped Balloons are similar to that of the floating Butterflies, or Kite’s as seen in previous works, reaching up to the White Sky.

Colours in the work have symbolic metaphor meanings, such as previously mentioned, pink and blue. The sky fades from Blue to White at the top. The White is to represent the White light at the end of a concert/gig performance, when lights come on, or the Flash of Cameras, or Clouds of Heaven, or the tragic opposite the White Flash of the device.

In my previous works, the “Bee Project”, the Bee has been used for symbolic meaning of protecting the Bees, by Friends of the Earth, but in this work, the “Bee”, is symbol of Manchester. The “Bee” is a worker bee and is symbol of the City’s hardworking past, during the Industrial Revolution of 19th Century in the Textile Mills. The “Bee” features on the mosaic floor of the Town Hall, on the Clock Face of Palace Hotel. Natural, I have included a “Bee” on the side of the Statue superimposed on a Blank Clock face, nod to Palace Hotel and St. Ann’s Church, Clock Face, and previous work “Je suis London”

To keep the work as simplistic as possible, I have removed the figurative of the Statue as replaced with Symbolic “Bee” as detailed above. Also nod to the Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square, which has no Statue.

The Flowers on the floor have been replaced with “Poppies” Symbolic of Peace that features heavily in conflicts of the aftermath of Wars & Peace.

** 50% Profit proceeds from this work will be donated to Charity, Just Giving Manchester, excluding materials, P & P

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