Charity Project: Tribute to Tower, 2017

This work of art has been inspired by the recent tragic events of Grenfell Tower on 14th June 2017, in Kensington & Chelsea, London

The Grenfell Tower is situated in a the Council Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, and is a 24 Storey Apartment Block with 120 Flats, and overlooks Notting Hill as in the film “Notting Hill” one of the most expensive parts of London.

In the work, I’ve recreated a Side Elevation of the Building, either East or West which contains a row of 8 Windows on each of the 24 Floors. A hidden message is contained in the windows by using Binary Code which similarly contains 8 Digits. Binary Code is either On or Off, either One or Zero, and represents a White Flag as On, or Blue as Off.

Form the top far left, Binary Code reads “01101000” which translate to the Letter “H”. Contains 6 Four Letter Words, contains the words “Hero”, “Stop”, “Fire” & “Make”, “More”, “Home”

The first three words, “Hero”, “Stop”, “Fire”, refers to the contribution of the Firemen of London Fire Service to tackle and stop the Fire. The next three words “Make”, “More”, “Home”, refers to the lack of affordable homes in London and UK and the long Waiting Lists, and that we should be building more new homes, of higher, specification and standard, instead of refurbishing existing housing stock of the 1970’s.

The background is upper Red fading to Blue on the horizon, suggesting the background of the fire cladding to the Blue sky. Also the contrast in the Political Parties, Labour (in Red) and Conservatives (in Blue) and their different Policies of Building more homes and latter building less homes, latter, allegedly.

*** 30% Profit of proceeds from this work will be donated to Charity, The Big Give & British Red Cross, excluding materials, P & P

Limited Edition Print 1 of 25 on A4 Paper

Limited Edition Print 1 of 25 on A3 Plus Paper

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