CO-ordinates 3.1

Digitally printed using high quality acrylic inks onto archival 330gsm Somerset Gloss paper.

My work embodies a unique diversity of both pattern and colour, placing chaos within the aerial photographs, which I take my inspiration from. During this isolation period, like many others throughout the world I have taken this time to reflect. I started to look at satellite and aerial images of our planet, our cities / rural areas, our coastal lines, landscapes etc.

What I found was layers upon layers of patterns within organic and man-made structures, areas of negative space, which I subconsciously fill in with my vibrant patterns and colours.

In this piece I have abstracted elements such as shapes, colours and patterns to simply the images which I’ve worked from.

This piece as created using small canvas boards, building layers of acrylic paint then placing mix media collage, finally adding layers of intricate detailing with fine line pens. The final process is to manipulate these elements digitally.

Delivering from:
Glasgow, United Kingdom (UK)
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