Colorful beach
Style:Abstract, Other
Subject:Landscape, Other

Colourful painting Beach Domburg in Zeeland.

acrylic applied with a palette knife and coarse brush in a smooth vibrant style.

The canvas is stretched on thick stretchers, so that the thick frame can be hung directly without frame. On the reverse side is attached a hook.

Quality paint on thick canvas and finished with a gloss varnish.

This painting makes for a wonderful holiday atmosphere every day and you will see new things in this colorful composition.

The artwork is sent in a special thick box with as a bonus a set artcards of Wim van de Wege.

Materials used:

acrylic on 3D-canvas




Delivering from:
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Postage International:£60
Delivery is 7 days within the UK.
Note: On international order, the delivery can take up to 2 weeks. The price will update itself on checkout.
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