Comrades (P.V.Latishev)

These iconic figures are idealised Soviet workers, a peasant farmer and industrial worker. They were exquisitely engraved, in the style of heroic realism, in 1924 by an unknown engraver with the credit going to P.V. Latishev the manager of the St. Petersburg mint.
The image was captured from a 1924 silver rouble of which only 13 million minted, before Stalin re-denominated a new rouble worth 50,000 of the old ones. The peasant farmer is being shown the way to a utopian industrial Soviet future by the factory worker. These ghostly figures from the past live on in the imagination of those still committed to the principles of communism. The failure of the Soviet communist state is reflected by material damage made visible on the figures’ surface and the removal of the utopian rising sun and factory from the scene. (Notes: The image has been printed using dye sublimation on aluminium to achieve a high contrast in good lighting or bright daylight. The print is UV stable, resists moisture, and is wipeable. It has been tray framed in a black frame. Postage has been quoted for London only.)

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