Connected | Shadows of Manhattan Mono
Medium:Paper, Watercolour

A mini series within Connected collection in nearly monochromatic colour scheme.

I really do think black is the strongest colour in a palette, capable of creating deepest contrast on minimum effort.

This artwork referencing the darkest or colourless part of New York, full of black and grey suits, illusion of seriousness emitted by the business minded crowds, black and white visions. Reality is, in no doubt, far more complex.

So as this artwork.
I used only two types of black.
Three shades of sepia.
Two paynes grey from different makers, and two indigo to weave the complexity of the undertones and somewhat warm monochromatic portrait of faceless crowd, fast moving, flying high…

425 gsm paper
shipped in a tube
certificate of authenticity provided
will be shown in London TOAF 01-05 October and later in November taken to Ney York TOAF fair if remains unsold

* also working on commissions for hotels, yachts and designers. Have created bespoke pieces for Belgravia private residence with SHH architects and worked with Australian Sorgiovanni boat fitters.

Look forward to work on large production scale for public spaces or private residences.

Smallest commission 50×70 cm
biggest 91 x 500 cm

Any questions? Send an enquiry!

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