Defence of the Inanimate – Tin Mug

This was the first of my DOTI series. After re-visiting a book I’d read a good few years ago by Tom Robbins, in which a bunch of inanimate object find themselves on a road trip across America. I was rummaging through a local antique emporium that I often list looking for inspiration, when I came across an old enamel tin mug. This instantly threw me into a quantum leap back to my childhood, with fond memories of camping and great times. “What a cool looking mug” I pondered… then remembering the inanimate objects from the book I imagined this mug just replying “Mug!? Who you calling Mug? The places I’ve been and things I’ve seen, you couldn’t even begin to imagine! Mug, pfft… bloody cheek!”. And there it was the birth of the Defence of the Inanimate series.

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