‘DiamondCats’ Shiggi & Icarus
Medium:Oil Paint

The huge African Diamond light sits between the windows of Kilimanjaro, Africa, left, and Financial district London England, right.
Framed ‘Champion of the World’. Mohammad Ali, pierced with Arrows portrait. From Esquire Magazine 1968, in answer to his then recent name change, conversion to Islam, and draft refusal and the attack he was under from the ‘establishment’ for standing up for what he believed in.
Jimi Hendrix, Experience – album cover.
(The Worlds greatest guitarist)
Rodregez, ColdFact – album cover – (was a symbol of protest against apartheid (a system created to strip the wealth of Africa by it’s European oppressors)) its creator remaining ignorant to its success and receiving no royalties.
The wild Zentai Zebra – Shiggi’s alter ego.
Icarus, the hairless Sphinx cat. (Reminds me of an interesting theory I was told by a friend, that the reason the Egyptian statues and others around the world from our distant past, are ‘noseless’ was a deliberate vandalism to hide the distinctive shape, that of their creators).




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