🔴 SOLD • ‘Do not go gentle…’ No.11
Medium:Oil Paint

It’s doubtful many will see this as I intended it to be. Namely the sexual empowerment of women. Many women hold fantasies of being dominated during sex. It empowers many women to be dominated during sex.
BUT ONLY during sex. NOT in their everyday lives as so many are.
It takes a great deal of communication and trust to be able to play with these fantasies in a non-abusive manner. Unfortunately even out on the ‘Fetish’ scene there is far too little understanding before embarking on such an exploration of these things. I wish more women could be empowered in their everyday lives.
Happy international women’s day.

Rage, Rage against the dying of the light…
i wanted to portray passion and longing and something to make people take notice of the erotic choices of empowered women.

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