Do You Hear Yourself When You Speak? (what?)
Medium:Mixed Media

Released early 2016. This is the neon light version – it is also available as a limited edition print.

Neon light – Do You Hear Yourself When You Speak? (what)
This piece is a satire on jargon, spin and general rubbish. The background text is also written by the artist.

66cm x 90cm x 15cm

Edition of 3 in black background. 2 in brushed aluminium (silvermetallic colour) background. This entry is for the BRUSHED ALUMINIUM background version.

Includes a spinning top, whip and a soil excavation device (a spade which must not be called a spade), each with vinyl text.

Plugs into a normal 3 point plug socket. I recommend they are either hung on chains (supplied) or a block of wood sits within the frame (not supplied). The frames are hollow.

Neon on aluminium, acrylic and print in deep aluminium frame. Includes UK transformer. Please contact me regarding postage charges.

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