Style:Pop Art
Subject:Fashion, Portraiture

At the beginning there was just a digital artist. Working with musicians, dj’s, sportswear and sport stars. After all this you are slowly starting to feel low. Then I met a crisis followed by depression and complete emptiness of vision. As time passed by, I started to regain myself in color. But still no inspiration, even though I started to appreciate work of some designers and artists.
I liked some ideas, but not when it turned into an artpiece. So I started continuous, intense learning: books, lectures, colors, composition, art history, make-up and so on. After that comes the period of long and challenging practice, which took me last two years.
And now, I’m sharing with you the result of this work. My triangle, the things I value the most: I love eyes, adore lips and first and most of all Art. Everything else is redundant, but these three I emphasize with my lines and forms. I appreciate the individuality and uniqueness of each model. And you know, a single fact that today I can reach almost any person on the planet in a matter of hours, if not minutes, not minding the distance, nationality or anything else is just amazing.
Here is some intro on why I’m calling them my Porcelain Dollz. I enjoy beauty, grace, brilliance but the goal is not to overdo it. Grotesque and destructive changes of the person’s character are unnecessary.



Standard Black Frame

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