Britney I
Medium:Paper, Pen & Ink

This work has been inspired by Britney Spears, and is made of a continuous line, that “Starts” at either “Spears” or “Slumber” songs etc., and with node points though the alphabet from S to Z then Z to F “Finish” or “From” or “Femme” in work part of song titles. This is like dot-to-dot flowing continuous line like maze, as in previous work (see work War H____ v K____)

This work has been inspired by the recent television programme, “The Big Painting Challenge” (on BBC One TV in the UK) in which amateur Artist would make Art with the aid of trained professionals.

One of the techniques demonstrated was to use a transparency box lid, and draw a line with a pen on it of the perspective view (see links below). I have further developed this technique to use white semi-transparent paper, as the box lid (50g Paper Thinness Paper possible) and overlaid this onto an Iconic Image of Retro Celebrities on Screen, represents perspective image. I have used a Pen to create an Outline Drawing with one continuous line, without taking the Pen off the Paper (Technique learnt the Art School). In the work, I am looking to make “Crude” and/or “Naïve” as possible and Not looking for a representational Realistic Image.

This is a Retro Image of “Britney Spears” with other Retro Celebrities Stars to follow, in various pen & inks, charcoal, acrylic pens, pastels etc.

BBC One Link “The Big Painting Challenge” (UK TV Only)

BBC One Link “The Big Painting Challenge” (Overseas Trailer)

A5 50g Paper on A5 200g Paper Signed and Dated

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