Drawing Project: Buzz Lightyear as Buzz Aldrin (SOLD)

This work has been inspired by the Moon Landing of 1960s “Buzz Aldrin” as Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story films) caricature, featuring a modified Quote by Neil Armstrong, (first walk person to walk on the Moon in 1960s), “one small step for Toys, one giant leap for Man-Kind!”

This work has been inspired by the recent television programme, “The Big Painting Challenge” (on BBC One TV in the UK) in which amateur Artist would make Art with the aid of trained professionals.

This work is part of the Male Series from Retro Icons of film, music etc. from A to Z starting with “B”s as in “Buzz Aldrin”

A5 50g Paper Signed and Dated

Image on Left is Artist Proof NFS
Image on Right is For Sale

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