Drawing Project: Jame’s Jumanji Celeb Squares around the Karaoke Block

This work is a continuation, and the combination of previous works of Single Line Drawings, by drawing with a Single Line without lifting the Pen off the Paper.

This work is a nod to “James Corden” (from the Late, Late Show on CBS USA) Carpool Karaoke. In which Celebs sing alongside James in a Carpool. It contains “James Corden” with initial “J”, then Adele, initial “A”, then Marilyn Monroe, initial “M”, then Elvis Presley “E”, combined to form word “J-A-M-E”s (in a clockwise direction from bottom right)

In keeping with the Carpool Karaoke theme, the Singers, are arranged in a aerial view, as seen from Convertible Car, with James in the Drivers Seat, with Mini Cars surrounding each of the Singers, arranged around the Block, which is a nod to the work of Piet Mondrian “Broadway Boogie Woogie”, 1942/3.

The work contains an element of Play, with a nod to the film “Jumanji”, 1995, with the squares to be considered as playing Board Squares, and the Centre Silver square as Reflective control disk.

Also maybe viewed as front as in the Game Show “Celebrity Squares” (Hollywood Squares in the USA) in which Celebs would answer questions and link to form a tic-tac-toe

The last image contains drawing of “Elvis”, contains words taken from Song’s of “Elvis” arranged in dot to dot puzzle from A to Z, encouraging the viewer to draw onto the work, and solve the puzzle.

This work has been inspired by the recent television programme, “The Big Painting Challenge” (on BBC One TV in the UK) in which amateur Artist would make Art with the aid of trained professionals.

#James Corden
#Late, Late Show, Carpool Karaoke
#Marilyn Monroe
#Elvis Presley
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