🔴 SOLD • ‘Dude, with Suki & Troy’
Medium:Oil Paint

When a neighbour asked about a portrait of his dogs, I explained I’d only be interested to do the painting if he was part of it. Which he was reluctant to do, but thankfully not for too long.
As local characters they seemed to me, inseparable.
I took my inspiration from a famous painting in the Queen’s Gallery, entitled ‘The Connoisseurs’ 1865 by Sir Edwin Landseer, (of Trafalgar Sq Lions fame) that I had recently admired. A tongue in cheek self-portrait where his two dogs are seemingly critiquing his sketch book.
After a brief, but exhausting reference photo shoot, where one cool dude and two very excited ‘connoisseurs’ pretty much refused to cooperate or appear to be reading or even looking at the books… …so I tried to emulate that more famous composition, but this was about as close as I could get.

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