Dystopian. Indentations in the water_Collage Nº 43. Handmade collage 33x46cm
Medium:Mixed Media, Paper

Handmade Collage 33×46 cm Year 2016
Dystopian. Indentations in the water_2015-2020
Cosmic skies, desolate and hostile places. The remnants of a dehumanizing and dehumanized civilization, which persists its senseless struggle for perpetuation. Strange, unsettling and disturbing landscapes that show snippets of a dystopian fiction.
Despite the beauty and colour of these unfamiliar dream-like but subtly recognizable landscapes, the collages depict an underground tension and precarious harmony of juxtaposed strata.
Entropy is disorder, an unstoppable process. We are witnessing the collapse of a society that charges forwards aimlessly, leaving a trail of nonsense, a pathetic footprint of its decomposition.
The savage wilderness seeks to regain dominance as the ultimate and supreme act of poetic justice.



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