Subject:Figurative, Nude, Other

This photograph presents two figures locked in embrace within a room. The image is recorded over a passage of time. The literal result is that the body appears in less ‘clarity’, however I argue that through capturing a continuation of existence, one is given a greater impression of the essence of that thing or person. The nondescript nature of the room, with its repeating wooden floorboards creates a psychological space, giving an uncanny sensation within the image. The strange perspective from which the photo is taken- being above makes reference to the view one might have when having an out of body experience- is in opposition a normal human viewpoint, thus amplifying the image’s otherworldly feel. We know we are looking at something figural, however beyond that the viewer is left unable to define what is going on or where this is occurring, thus ambiguity is created. Through my work I am concerned with evoking in the viewer our deeper visceral emotions and sensations, rather than to solicit a intellectual response relating to socio-political matters.

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