Fair Game?

Limited Edition Giclee Print on Archival Fine Art 310gsm Paper and Lightfast Ink.

Hand Signed and Number by the Artist. Limited Edition of 35.

“Fair Game?” is the second of a series of work that drew inspiration from British animals and hunting traditions.

An iconic bird, the beautiful male pheasant is rich in colour and an intriguing contrast against the muted colours that fill our countryside during winter. This creature is not just distinguishable solely for its beauty, however; it is also an icon of the British pastime of game shooting. Elegance, beauty, vulnerability embody this animal and this piece seeks to capture these elements. The suspension of the subject in a mass of negative space centres the viewer’s attention to the elegance of the animal whilst also reflecting the vulnerability of it; it is exposed with no place of retreat, much how it would be in the midst of a pursuing hunting party. In addition, the rich colour against the harsh white also mirrors the contrast of the pheasant’s vibrancy against the muted tones of a British winter. This piece seeks neither to sanction nor vilify the pastime of game shooting but rather draw attention to it and provoke consideration of the nuanced morality that is attached to such traditional pursuits.

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