‘…for ‘i’ have sinned.’
Medium:Oil Paint

An attempted homage to my great grandfathers work which hangs in Bretagne.
At first glance this is a religious painting dedicated to the loss of my good friend ‘Mungo Leir’ who passed just as I was underway.
The painting obviously isn’t religious, in a conventional sense, but it does seek to re-connect the word ‘Fetish’ with its original religious meaning. i.e. The worship of an object. Namely the smart phone.
The angels are shining their light on Monica & Anna, whilst simultaneously both looking down at the smart phone, one angel emanating from the phone which is also connected to the name of my great friend Mungo who shone his light, in life, on many people.
I wanted to try and create something that connected the past to the now, and that maybe looked at in one hundred years by my great grandson, who would wonder, as I did, at that one hundred year gap and what it means. Other than another five billion people on the planet.



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