Fragile Male Ego Coat
Medium:3D materials
Style:Feminist Art
Subject:Fashion, Figurative, Nude

Inspired by toxic masculinity and the modern “ideal” of men, it’s effect, and the deemed “perfection” of male greek gods, the coat, when worn, provides an experience of discomfort and the inability to move, representing the effect and restrictions of toxic masculinity in modern British society; particu- larly focusing on the male patriarchal construct of society, the constrictions of the masculine and feminine boxes we are forced to adhere to. The inner coat represents the effects of said masculinity, how it manifests itself through , and how it serves to damage other identity’s in society by upholding outdating traditional values. (TW: Headlines on inner include sexism, transphobia, homophobia).
3D Print, plaster, paint, collage //

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