Typical Dutch winter landscape with people skating on natural ice. I made this work of art in winter because it seemed like an appropriate time of the year. Personally, I really like the winter season. Maybe because I was born in January.
Unfortunately, it is an image that is seen less and less. Winters become less severe. As a result of climate change. The paper with letters that I used therefore also symbolizes the pollution of our earth.

!! The blue color of the water is actually much more pleasant, more blue and turquoise. Unfortunately this color on the computer is unbeatable !!
A painting and a collage on a print, from an original collage.
Technique: Printing, acrylic colors and collage on canvas, textured,
Theme: Semi-Abstract / Textured / Landscape / Modern
Colors: White, Gray, Black, Blue, Green, Turquoise
Color quality: Amsterdam colors, high brightness, no fading, non-toxic
Packaging: Cardboard box, stable and safe.

All my paintings are original and unique.

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