Gold of Bengal
Medium:Metal, Other, Pencil

My work is based around the concepts of symmetry, beauty and Utopia. The idea that symmetry is related to perfection and divinity is an ancient one. Symmetry dominates the man-made and natural world and it’s patterns are evident everywhere: the stripes of a tiger, the petals of a flower and the human body. My aim in my current drawings is to hold in tandem the wild unpredictability of nature with the effortless beauty of it’s symmetry. The subjects in my work are often framed by brightly indulgent flowers, butterflies and gold; imagery that lends itself to the idea of Utopia.

About the piece:

This piece depicts a Bengal tiger framed by a wreath of florals and abundant natural life. The drawing aims to show the tension between the tiger’s own physical symmetry and the forced symmetry of the gold semi-circle. The balance of the piece is off set so that it is not a mirror image but implies the wildness of the tiger as it breaks the frame. The reflective quality of the graphite and the gold when seen in different lights give this work a gentler, ethereal quality.

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