Holidaze 1

Holidaze taps into the feeling of being on holiday – the swirl of big open skies and the sunshine haze that colours our experience… when we loose track of time… when we feel most ourselves.

Blue relates to self expression – speech, communication, the ability to communicate our needs and requirements. It is the spirit of truth and purpose, and perhaps why so many people enjoy gazing at sky and the sea. The cool, expansive blues are contrasted here with oranges and purples that lift and energise – a feeling of warm & fuzzy nostalgia.

By using the processes of reflection and refraction, the silhouettes of palm leaves and power cables are transformed into a striking geometric pattern. There is always more than one way to view something – reality is how you perceive it.

Signed Limited Edition of 25.
Giclee print on sustainable 300gsm Hahnemuhle Bamboo fine art paper, using lightfast archival inks to the highest museum quality standards.

Delivering from:
Birmingham, United Kingdom (UK)
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