HOW? Price is Right (How? To Price Fine Art)
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HOW? Price is Right (How? To Price Fine Art)

This Artwork is about giving some guidance on the pricing of Fine Art, to fellow Artists, and Buyers, as to give an insight into the ways to Price Fine Art, since Art School.

I think the Art Market isn’t transparent enough, and some of the figures for similar Artworks vary considerably

In making a piece of Artwork the Artist has to consider many factors (known as variables), such as:

Has the Artist had any form of Formal Training? Been to Art School?

Is the work of Contemporary Art? (from 1900 to present day)

What type of Art Movement is the work inspired by? (see suggestion list on work)

Is there similar works by similar Artist on the Market? (By comparing similar works on the Market, and Sold values)

What type is the type of Medium of the work?

(The type of Medium can vary the Price of the work, such that a Sculpture is a 3-Dim object whereas Drawing, Painting is 2-Dim, and Sculptures generally take longer to produce, so has increased value, see Suggestions)

What is the Quality of the work?

(The Artist is an Art Critic, as has previously given critics of other Artist work, and scored the work out of 10. This Factor is a factor that can be used to work out the final by inserting in Box B, further information about the scoring process from “Art Advice: What is Quality?” The Quality of the work is based on three aspects, Originality, Technical Ability, and Emotional connection, plus Fourth, “Artist Statement”, “Biography” “Me at Work”

Has the Artist been Represented by an Established Art Gallery?

(The Artist has included a factor to allow for Gallery Representation, is an Artist has Exhibited at Established Art Gallery, then this would achieve a higher price compared to Artist that hasn’t)

Once these Factors (variables) have been considered, it’s possible to work a Pricing structure for the work, based on Price per Square Inch (typically £/inch),

Disclaimer: This work is to be used for Illustrative Purposes and Guidance only, and the Artist accepts No Responsibility for Errors nor Omissions nor for other Artist work.

Art is a Product. A Product can vary over time, may increase or decrease, depending on current Market valuation (variations in Pound, Dollar etc), and a second opinion should be advised before Buying any Artwork of Value.

In Pricing the work the Artist has used Price per Sq Inch, for Simplicity, however, there are other ways to Price the work.

This is the Artist own thoughts and opinions, observations, and is to be used as Guidance only.

Other Information:

From Vincent da Vinci Blog:

From Royal Academy of Arts, (leading UK Arts Institution in the UK)

From Artquest (Advice & Support for Artists, based in London, UK)

Pricing your work

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