HRH Diana Princess of Wales
Medium:Paper, Pen & Ink

This work has been inspired by HRH Princess Diana, and to mark the 20th Anniversary of her passing this year and is made of a continuous line and lists events of her life in the form of A to Z events of her life, and encouraging the viewer to link them in dot to dot to finish the work and puzzle.

I have chosen to represent HRH Princess Diana (also known as the “Queen of Hearts” and/or “The Peoples Princess”), as I have a brief encounter with her during the 90s when she was making a visit to one her patronages in the UK. At the time, there were very few people there, so able to have a good view, although I didn’t speak to her, as I was shy, she looked more beautiful in real life, and will stay with me.

With this work I have tried to capture some of the characteristics, but this is an experimental work, and I may later make an improved version, to give a more true likeness.

Although the Title HRH (Her Royal Highness) was removed by the Queen, I have reinstated it in the work, artistic licence.

This work has been inspired by the recent television programme, “The Big Painting Challenge” (on BBC One TV in the UK) in which amateur Artist would make Art with the aid of trained professionals.

A5 50g Paper on A5 200g Paper Signed and Dated

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