I Dont See in Colour (2018)

‘I Don’t See In Colour’ (2018) is a voyage into the Economics of Sex, Race and Gender in the Digital Age. A response to discourse surrounding the commodification of women; imposed upon them through consumerist trends and unrealistic capitalist idealisations and visualisation, this work is an exercise of turning the system inwards, on itself. To use the power, influence and materials of the industry to re-articulate and elevate the black female form. Somewhat departing from the more hand-made aesthetic of my previous sculptures, introducing 3D scanning and digital manipulation technology presents a new-found opportunity to shed light on beauty and undoubted complexity of the black body politic.

Exploring the dynamics of Race, Gender & Commodification in my latest series of artwork as I turn the ‘system’ in on itself, using the power, influence & materials of the industry to present an alternative narrative history and perspective; to elevate the black, female form.

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London, United Kingdom (UK)
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