I Exist
Medium:Oil Paint
Style:Other, Urban Art

“I Exist” is a piece inspired by the concept of merging text and typographic design, along with oil painting techniques, to express a perspective; the purpose for the experience of an individual life. The use of red in representing the text is influenced by aircraft warning lights – often seen in nighttime city skylines – these lights are intense and “dream like” in the night sky.

The bold phase “The Entire Purpose of Existence is for the Individual to Experience & Express Freedom”, is a phrase developed by the Artist to summarise the Artists’ own Philosophy of life. The freehand typographic design is painted in a style which stretches across a “Cosmic scape” and incorporates a style of typographic design influence by the culture and artistic movement of “Hip Hop” – graffiti.

The reason for the Cosmic background is to indicate a deeper perspective of thought – with regards to an understanding of existence – wider than that of the more narrow perspective of observing existence only from the views of individual human experiences of life on Earth.

“I Exist” is a piece meant to move the viewer to answer the question “what is MY purpose of existence”, and perhaps through an understanding of the freedom to experience and express, we may all find our purpose and leave great marks on the Cosmic scape that states clearly, “I Exist”.

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