Imperatrix figura

With his work, Marco Antonio Jimenez Iriarte blends in with a speech of memory, where he splits up life experiences and gives birth to components visually present in our conscious.
The brain function of the memory allows our organism to encode, store and recover any information from the past, a set of events grasped and desired; however, how is this plane formed? Which is the materializing process? Jimenez comes to this level in a pictorial way, where he gives it a form and creates structural compositions. People are present, a research about the classics like Velázquez, letters from the Arabic alphabet that are pure and disrupted, dripping painting, comics, childish images and finally the significant presence of women: the image of her anonymous and proportioned face that comes out of the abstraction and the variety of the multicolor planes, are all but characters meant to give an expression to the feminine beauty.

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