In-vinci-ble Mickey 2017

This work is entitled “In-vinci-ble Mickey” and is following on from the previous work “Mickey dribble pass…” and is using a different technique of “Decollage”. Decollage is a technique originated from the street graffiti walls with posters.

Instead of removing posters, new posters where layered over the top, and over time they would be ripped or torn with the old poster partially showing underneath. Decollage is nouveau realism or new realism.

In this work, I have taken several layers of a UK Catalogue Company, and partially glued together, alternating the pages, and torn, removed different layers of the pages, to reveal different “Toys” underneath, almost like revealing different Toys in an “Advent” Calendar at Christmas.

I have chosen this technique as reminds me of the posters, I would see around venues advertising for Concerts of different bands. Ironically the Catalogue Company is advertising its items for Sale to the public, just like the Concert Posters.

Instead of Graffiti Artist “Banksy” then “Bambi” (female version of Banksy), I’ve used the tag name “Vinci”, same sort of ring to it, and is the tag that I use during my Graffiti or Street Art style of work.




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