It’s In Our Hands (Delilah & Irene, 2017)
by O NOH
Subject:Figurative, Nude

digital collage inkjet print, unframed

It’s In Our Hands is a continuation of my Power of Women series, wherein I explore the depictions of powerful women of Biblical history. I take these forgotten heroines and recontextualize them, bringing once isolated women together in a grand environment of suggested action. What occurs as a result of my digital process is a convening of the greats, and in this new context of my making, their actions can be reconsidered. I turn to digital collage, not for aesthetics, but as a weapon of subversion – a middle finger to exclusive access [to skill, to knowledge, to means, to power] based on gender, race, class, or religion. I deploy my counterstrike by way of collage as a means to agency, negating the labor of the masters in favor for something of my choosing.

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