by MeiMei
Medium:Acrylic, Clay, Fabric

Collecting dolls and rare objects, my interest in myths, bizarre characters from different cultures and traditions, the representation of creatures and monsters in the history of art has a meaningful influence in my work. My pieces are made of needle felted wool, vintage doll parts and modelled clay, which generates a contrast between the found object that comes with it’s own history and character with a soft and sculptural undefined body, resulting in these whimsical and bizarre creatures. The nature of my work blurs the boundaries between beauty and grotesque, good and evil. Monstrosity in arts has always allowed artists to communicate feelings and ideas freely and there is an aspect of this in my sculptures. I particularly want to combine the kind and dark aspects that are intrinsic to human nature.
This piece presented here is made of needle felted wool, clay and vintage doll parts. They all combine body parts from collectable dolls and figures found in different places around the world with hand felted bodies. The figures are soft but heavy, as they have been stuffed with ceramic or metallic materials to add the correct weight to the piece. Leila is inspired on the Character Leila Wadell, muse of the British occultist Aliester Crowley.




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