Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité (A.Dupré)

The figures from left to right are Liberté, Hercule, Égalité which symbolise the French Republic. They were exquisitely engraved in neo-classical style by A. Dupré in 1886 and have appeared on French Francs until recent times, in total on 238 million coins. Liberté wears a Phygrian cap which symbolises the liberty of a freed Roman slave, Hercule represent Celts and Gauls and wears the skin of the Lion of Nemea symbolising his victory and courage, Égalité represents Justice as she carries a triangular level. This image was captured from a 1970 10 Franc coin, and shows the ghostly figures from the past which live on in the French imagination. The material damage made visible on the figure’s surface reflects the state of the French Republic, no longer the utopia originally promised despite valuing the principles of liberty, fraternity and justice. (Notes: The image has been printed using dye sublimation on aluminium to achieve a high contrast in good lighting or bright daylight. The print is UV stable, resists moisture, and is wipeable. It has been tray framed in a black frame. Postage has been quoted for London only.)

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