Liberty (A. De Fransisci)

The head of Liberty symbolises the United States of America as a nation supporting the liberty across the world. She was exquisitely engraved by A. De Fransisci in 1921 and appeared on the Peace Dollar for 14 years, in total on 190 million coins, which celebrated the end of WW1. Her radial crown is intended to recall the Statue of Liberty which embodied freedom, hope and opportunity for those seeking a better life in America. This image was captured from a 1922 One Dollar silver coin, showing the ghostly head which lives on in the American imagination. The material damage made visible on the figure’s face reflects the state of the Liberal America, no longer the utopia of free people originally promised. (Notes: The image has been printed using dye sublimation on aluminium to achieve a high contrast in good lighting or bright daylight. The print is UV stable, resists moisture, and is wipeable. It has been tray framed in a black frame. Postage has been quoted for London only).

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