This artwork ironically titled
Rather than radiating liberty and light, Trump’s crown is redolent of the darkness manifested in the talons of Wolverine or Freddie Kruger and this theme is echoed in the aggressive, warlike epaulets and threatening stance. He is tattooed and decorated with a multitude of signs and symbols, all cyphers for yet more aggression and bigotry around themes expressed during the presidential election. The first 100 days in power have seen Trump try to curtail liberty and revoke much of the liberal legislation of the Obama era. This protest underlines my worry about the direction USA is going and the perceived harm emanating from this new presidency. Goes out to all my Muslim brothers and sisters, my gay friends, my Mexican friends, women, basically anyone Trump offends daily. £795 Mix media collage on canvas.
Laced with copper, newspaper & Financial times clippings, badges, Mexican pesos, spray paint, Indian ink & acrylic paint.

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