Little Red Riding Hood
Medium:Giclée Print

In her print series, Lucy takes old, unloved kitsch paintings and breathes new life into them, giving them a contemporary and humorous spin using collage and acrylic paint. From the original, she then produces high quality Gicleé prints. In ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ Lucy took a woodland scene and added in the new elements to give it a completely new take. There is always a story behind Lucy’s art.

‘Little Red Riding Hood had been stuck on the Northern Line and was running late, so she took a short cut through the woods and was now deeply regretting her decision. She’d texted Granny an hour ago to say she was in her way and still hadn’t heard back…’

Little Red Riding Hood is a gicleé print on Soft White Cotton 280 gsm paper.

Delivering from:
Derby, United Kingdom (UK)
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