London’s Pouring I
Medium:Other, Photography
Subject:Abstract, Landscape

Captured through a wet windscreen on a grey and wet autumn day from the top of a moving London bus. Presenting a painterly response to the drabness of an everyday scene by rearranging the elements into something extraordinary using a typically static function. It redefines the landscape with smudges generated from the view itself combined with the rain and swift movement of the camera lens.

All photographs that form this personalised body of work are created entirely in camera, on site, as the expression of a real event that is the culmination of the actual, the technical, the gestural and happenstance.

Mounted on dibond with battens so the work hangs directly on the wall and hovers 12mm off it. The Kodak Metallic paper has a rich metallic base giving the colours a reflective, metallic and 3-dimensional feel to them.

Limited edition of 50

Delivering from:
London, United Kingdom (UK)
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