Love’s Labour’s Lost

Architecture has unchaste desires! It seeks for its own validity. Unbeknownst towards albeit purposes it seems impossible but the opportunity of chance has rooted out the cause of such mental unrest. Only yesterday we were exposed to the exponent of atonement; the tropic association of stone over time that was a cause for political exploitation and celebration while the mass of its meaning weighed down on those that did not know. Today the authorship of such an anomaly seems undetermined while the truth of the matter is told through the lines of geometry.

Cities master this art, for which they have an architect that is entrusted with the investigation of such arbitrary narratives and to which structures are made; lived in and torn down. The story of architecture is thus maintained in drawings which either survive or coexist within societies detritus. Time now allows us to set the music straight in such petty froebel’s in order to perpetuate the truth in the narrative and allow architecture to exist as a harmonious extension of the future.

The eye can not see the detail more clearly; it requires the measure of things to be tolerated for the work that it is. What was once an idyllic Elysium can be conceived equivalently from the fruits of our labours and relinquish the fear embedded in the Job.

There is work to be done to qualify a mental state of existence in order not to dishonour our past and regenerate a sense of excitement to the nature of an architectural inheritance.

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