Magnet is the largest piece in a series of four wheeled, tower sculptures (the others being The City, Book Tower, and Fetish) that all relate to our obsession with objects and material possessions. All the pieces in the series have aesthetically over-sized wheels, intended as a comment on the mobility restrictions that having so many possessions places upon us as a species.
Whereas the other works in the series dealt with revered or fetish materials, Magnet (being made of thousands of plastic toys) was initially supposed to represent the disposable and worthless aspect of consumer society. Yet, knowing the quirks of human nature, the artist turned this notion of worthlessness on its head by incorporating several prized and sort after ‘collectables’. Originally named Toy Tower the piece was re-named Magnet after its first public showing, when it became apparent that young children, and older toy enthusiasts, found it difficult to resist physically interacting with the sculpture. At its first exhibition four young boys actually managed to wheel Magnet out of the gallery before the invigilator spotted the piece was missing and hurriedly managed to retrieved it before it got too far down the street.

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