Mickey dribble pass Pikachu… 2017

Mickey dribble pass Pikachu…

Full Title in the form of Poem

“Mickey dribble pass Pikachu,
Mickey dribble pass Mario,
Mickey dribble pass Donald,
Mickey dribble pass officer Dribble,
Mickey dribble pass Shrek, shots and ….”


I am embarking a change of direction, and this is the first work. During Christmas 2016 and the New Year there was a documentary about “Walt Disney” the founder of Cartoon Characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck etc, and later the film “Saving Mr. Banks” was shown. The film shows the process in the production of the film “Mary Poppins”. I’m also interested in other animated production such as “Pixars” behind the “Madagascar” films, and “Aardman Animations” (Bristol, UK) behind the “Wallace & Gromit”, “Chicken Run” films.

This work is a combination of two movements, Abstract Expressionism, and Pop Art. Abstract Expressionism is “Action Painting” by dripping paint; prefer term “dribble” paint (as in the work’s title) on the canvas such as Artist Jackson Pollock. One aspect of Pop Art features lines, repetitive, with Outlines, such as in the work, Roy Lichtenstein, and I’ve simplified the figure to an Outline Drawing, similar to the work of Julian Opie.

In the title the word “Dribble” has two terms, either as “Dribble” action paint on canvas, such as Abstract Expressionism, or “Dribble” the Ball in Football (Soccer in USA). “Dribble” in football is controlling the Ball between the players feet, and not letting the opponent get it.

The “Dribble” paint in the background have been given Pop Art feel with bright colours, and features Five Players from 5-Aside Football, Pikachu in Yellow, Mario in Red, Donald Duck in Light Blue, Officer Dribble (out of “Top Cat”) in Dark Blue, and Shrek in Green!

In the title the word “Pass” has two terms, in Art Auctions, a “Pass” is a term used to indicate that a Painting has not reached its reserved price and remains Unsold, and in Football (Soccer in the USA) to “Pass” the Ball from one opponent to another, or to “Pass” by an opponent on the playing field.

The Ball has been changed to a reflective “Mirror” from Mirror card, similar to Steel Ball Bearing in the game, Marbles, and is to include the reflection of the viewer in the work.




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